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they say you’re supposed to grow out of fairytales, of stories and strange beliefs in old and arcane things. i certainly don’t ever want to. i’d much rather live with a feeling that somewhere on the edge, or off to the side of, the wild places i may yet see, unreal things exist. after all, just because a thing is not precisely in our world doesn’t mean that it’s not anywhere.

i think that where the more wonderful theories of physics, and more pragmatic aspects of imagination meet, is probably where, if one were a cartographer of fancy, magic must exist .

credits: Amberly Valentine, MA Fashion Photography; unknown; unknown.

— 2 weeks ago
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i feel washed out today; the world outside my window is pale with fog, and i guess i’ve paled with it. or perhaps i’m just exhausted. here, have some beautiful organic things.

credits: Anarstarpi, Iceland Jens Klettenheimer; Adrien & Valeriia Nicolas Guerin, FIASCO Magazine, Annual Issue 2011; angela lindvall (and someone else, obviously) by paolo roversi.

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i have desert heat and road-trips on the brain. i want to take off in a beat up old pickup, just drive and drive for days. probably, the heat would still piss me off - but at least i’d be moving.

credits: bee wings (unknown); Australian Vogue; chaleureux et heureux, by ashlikaan (flickr).

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things to love (if you don’t already) that will make you happy you exist: anything - by which i mean everything - by wes anderson (even the films he’s only barely released), the work of marguerite duras, and extraordinarily strange and beautiful creatures. art, literature, natural phenomena - if you don’t feel alive yet, that’ll get you there (perhaps add some incredible music, too, just to seal the deal).

credits: portrait of marguerit duras (photographer unknown); unknown chrysanthemums; poster for The Grand Budapest Hotel, by Wes Anderson (or at least, the film is by him. I assume he doesn’t do his own posters…but he could be just that magical. you never know).

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ever notice how people of colour hardly ever appear in fashion magazines outside of ‘ethnic’ photoshoots? because clearly all black women in 2014 are a) miscelaneous African, and b) are only interested in fashion if it involves grass-skirts and chunky ‘we made it chunky so you can tell it’s handmade’ knits. it always boggles me that an artist can put so much thought into an image, into making it beautiful and striking, into the choice of colour and light and expression - and completely fail to take politics into account.

anyone who says art is a-political is lying or blind. art is the transmutation of real influences into something that exists only by the grace of the artist; but those ‘real influences’ are from the real world, and here there is politics - politics being the interaction of people - in everything. artists cannot help but illustrate their political persuasions by whatever they choose (choice being the quintessential political act) to take from reality and turn into art; but, obviously, we can make those choices consciously, so that the politics embodied in our art is the same as we would wish to see reflected in reality. pity mainstream fashion photography’s a little behind on that.

credits: Microphrys bicornutus (1855), by The Ernst Mayr Library; Paolo Roversi; behind the scenes - Annie Leibovitz for Disney.

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the photograph by mary jo hoffman (the collection of bones, on the right) is called scaffolding, but really that seems appropriate for all three. the model holds up the dress, the dress is the reason for the photograph, the eye provides a unique structure upon which to paint, the lashes its most delicate component.

credits: by paolo roversi; scaffolding, by mary jo hoffman; Christian Dior Fall Couture 2012.

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the theme of this collection is, i suppose, vapours, clouds, things that rise and swirl in air or water. beautiful and ephemeral. these are the moments in which photography comes into its own; it is the only way to record such momentary, gaseous phenomena.

credits: Demersal, by Luka Klikovac; In The Steam, by Claire Marie Vogel; unknown.

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i realise it’s an unpopular colour, but i love brown. it’s rich and warm and tangible and alive. the almost-black of tree-bark after rain, damp soil, fresh-brewed black tea, melted chocolate, the smooth glossy seed of a lychee fruit. wood and earth and skin and clear tannin-rich rivers and coffee half-sunk with milk. brown is not a dull colour at all.

credits: Erwin Olaf; Chris Court Photography; Christian Dior Fall Couture 2012.

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i love the colours in each of these. rich and teetering between artifice and natural splendour.

credits: jellyfish by unknown; Kasia Struss by Paolo Roversi; by L’oiseau Rose.

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someday i will live in the woods be a reclusive eccentric in the style of mad-brilliant brits, and for months out of the year my only communication with the real world will be via obscure and beautifully illuminated postcards. it will be amazing.

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