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i think that in the houses around this lake, in the winter, in the woods that run right up the feet of the mountains, when there’s nothing to do but play dress-ups or write or read great Russians, this is what it looks like.

clear, white light; heavy, dark wood; quilts like your littlest grandmother keeps in her linen closet, and the kind of clothes her grandmother kept in the attic.

i want space, and cold, and greenery. i want forests, and rain, and vast, still stretches of water.

credits: Darya Kurovska in Chanel by Paolo Roversi; Denise Grünstein; lake and mountain.

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when i’ve time again, i shall visit the gallery. i may wear a collar shirt and tails. seems like the thing to do.

credits: a detail from Il Consiglio alla Vendetta by Francesco Paolo Hayez, 1851; collars under glass; robert klippel sketch.

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patterns, soft colours, old things faded at the edges. yellowed paper, moth-holed silk, white attic-dust, pressed wallpaper.

etc., etc.

credits: unknown; unknown; mise-en-carte (or draft), by Jean Revel, france, 1733, gouache on paper (Musée des Tissus, Lyon).

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strange things and unlikely hybrids; we are all mad, here, etc., etc.

credits: Chloe Sivigny; Elisabeth Lecourt; Françoise Laskar.

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what i like about all these photographs (or, rather, their subjects) are the awkward angles and complex greys. they all have pointy bits in unexpected places, and though the colour palette seems cohesive, accents like the warm browns and just the slightest touch of pink in the paint on the houses, or that purple flower in the girl’s headdress - and even the inky black feet of Giacometti’s marquettes - add subtle richness and depth.

credits: Hallstatt, Austria; Adrien & Valeriia Nicolas Guerin, in FIASCO Magazine annual issue 2011; city square, by Alberto Giacometti .

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i just like the colours, really. not terribly mysterious.

credits: all unknown, though apparently the mountain is called Baula Mountain.

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dark things, beautiful things - well, some darker than others, metaphorically speaking.

i don’t think the Robert Klippel sculpture is dark in any way beyond literal aesthetic qualities; Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer, on the other hand. well. i absolutely recommend it; but it will twist your heart up something fierce, and haunt you for days after.

credits: unknown (I hate using uncredited images. hate. it.); No 202 Metal construction, by Robert Klippel, 1966; still of Song Kang-ho in Snowpiercer.

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#snowpiercer  #song kang-ho  #bong joon-ho  #cinema  #photography  #sculpture  #art  #robert klippel 

mostly, i just think these things are beautiful, each in their own - strange - way. but i suppose they’re also things i would have in my studio, around me while i work.

well…maybe not the severed head. but the skeleton, the manequin, and the rothko? yes. please.

credits: unknown (a gallery somewhere, i think?); ryan matthew’s collection, by sergio royzen; blue, green, and brown, by rothko.

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there are many ways to realise a fairytale.

which is a perk, often; but when you’re the one trying to put it together, it does make decision-making sort of…sad.

every choice you make in one direction has an opportunity cost in the other. i will never be able to render them all tangible, there just isn’t time.

credits: a bedroom at charleston, country home of the bloomsbury group; by paolo roversi; unknown.

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oh, the many uses of pastels.

i loathe them on simple, ordinary things like cardigans and polo-shirts - but like them when employed to excess, in architecture or patterns so baroque they verge on the grotesque - i like the jarring quality of uglyness painted in sugar-colours so arbitrarily associated with prettiness, delicacy, effeminancy.

heavy, byzantine structures trying to disguise themselves as mouthfuls of exquisite confectionery - something about this is satisfying.

credits: unknown; in full bloom, Genlux Magazine, Spring 2008; unknown.

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